We Welcome Brittany Blades to Elakha Board

We are thrilled to announce that Brittany Blades has joined the Elakha Alliance as our newest board member! Brittany is the Curator of Marine Mammals at Oregon Coast Aquarium. She has worked with sea otters for 16 years, getting her start with an internship at Oregon Zoo where she was inspired to focus on the conservation of sea otters. She now has experience caring for sea otters as well as collecting Washington sea otter foraging data and participating in the Washington Sea Otter Annual Census. She has always called the Pacific Northwest home growing up in Washington and Oregon as a child and graduating from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s of science in biology.

🙌 As you can see, Brittany brings a wealth of experience and a passionate commitment to conservation and the environment. Her dedication aligns perfectly with our mission to return sea otters to Oregon’s coastal ecosystems.

Brittany Blades conducting Washington's Sea Otter Census.
Brittany Blades training sea otter at Oregon Coast Aquarium.