Our Plan

The Alliance’s board of directors adopted a Strategic Plan in September 2019 following a process that involved conversations with dozens of stakeholders representing tribal, government, fishing, nonprofit, and other perspectives.

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Strategic Initiatives

Initiative 1: Complete scientific assessment and public policy analysis necessary to determine the feasibility and impacts of potential methods of restoring and protecting a healthy sea otter population in Oregon.

Initiative 2: Build regional consensus that a restored, healthy sea otter population is an important goal worth pursuing.

Initiative 3: Complete a restoration of sea otters to a few special places on the Oregon coast either by reintroduction or natural dispersal, whichever proves most feasible based on the assessment completed and the regional consensus.

The Timeline

Starting with the year 2020, the Alliance expects strategic initiatives #1 (Assessment & Analysis) and #2 (Regional Consensus) to take 3-6 years running concurrently. Assuming success with both, the Alliance will move forward with Strategic Initiative #3 (Restoration). The restoration itself could take 2-5 additional years.  

Core Strategies

Community engagement:  To reach good decisions about sea otter restoration, the public must be part of the process, especially those groups and individuals most likely affected. This includes tribes, shellfish harvesters, fishermen, ports, businesses, conservation organizations, and local, state, and federal governments.

Partnerships:  Key pieces of the work needed will be accomplished by other entities that share the Alliance’s Vision and have the appropriate resources, skills, and/or legal authority.  A key goal in the Alliance strategic plan is to forge partnerships.  

Podcast: Listen to Board President Robert Bailey discuss otter restoration and the Elakha Alliance’s plan!