Oregon Sea Otter Reintroduction Economic Study

The Elakha Alliance is pleased to present this study of the potential economic impacts of returning of sea otters to Oregon.  The study, conducted by The Research Group LLC, Corvallis, Oregon, and edited for clarity by Jennifer Gilden, employed a wide range of economic valuation techniques and assumptions and examined comparable situations where sea otters have returned to other areas. 

The economic study is an important follow-up to a broad 
Feasibility Study completed in early 2022 that found that restoring wild sea otters on the Oregon coast is feasible but cautioned that more detailed assessment is needed of potential economic and social effects in coastal communities. 

Overall, the economic study finds that the Oregon coast economy is likely to benefit from the return of sea otters. However the study cautions that while some economic sectors, such as travel, tourism and kelp forest-reliant fisheries are likely to benefit, other economic sectors may experience negative effects.

The full technical report is available upon request. Please email 

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