About Us

Our mission:  To restore a healthy population of sea otters to the Oregon coast and to thereby make Oregon’s marine and coastal ecosystem more robust and resilient.  

Our Organization

Elakha (ee-LAK-uh) is a Chinook trading language word for sea otter, which were once plentiful in Oregon’s coastal waters. 

Sea otters are a keystone species whose predation and behavior have a profound effect on the mix of species around it.  In their absence, Oregon’s marine ecosystem has suffered, becoming ecologically less robust.

The Elakha Alliance was formed in 2018 by tribal, nonprofit, and conservation leaders with a shared belief in a powerful vision:  an Oregon coast 50 years from now where our children and grandchildren co-exist along with a thriving sea otter population and a robust and resilient marine ecosystem. 

To learn in-depth about who, what, and why the Elakha Alliance was formed, we invite you to see our recent publication in the Open Spaces online magazine, written by Board President Bob Bailey & Board Member Peter Hatch.

Read our vision for a more abundant and resilient future for Oregon’s nearshore ecosystems.

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After initially being fiscally sponsored by the Oregon Wildlife Foundation, the Alliance received its status as a 501c3 charity in April 2020.  Donations to the Alliance are fully tax-deductible.