Our Supporters & Partners

The Elakha Alliance is more than a board of directors. It is an alliance of individuals and organizations who support and partner with our work to restore sea otters to Oregon, and to thereby protect and enhance our marine environment.

Keystone Society

We thank the following institutional and individual supporters for their generous contributions, without which we could not undertake our mission. Keystone Society members have contributed $500 or more to the Alliance. Last updated 11/23/2022


Partnerships are the engine behind creating and implementing tangible conservation outcomes. The following organizations are key partners in the conservation of sea otters and the kelp ecosystem.

Website imagery: Special acknowledgment to BLM, NPS, ODFW, USFWS, NOYO Center, Emily Adamczyk, Lilian Carswell, Lara Drizd, Sara Hamilton, Dave Legid, Roy Lowe, Jim Pfeiffenberger Alan Schmierer, Lindsey Solomon, Laura Tesler Photograpy and EcoExposure Photography for imagery and supporting content.

The Elakha Alliance wishes to thank the Oregon Wildlife Foundation, which has served as fiscal sponsor for the Alliance since our founding in February 2018.

Looking to become a supporter?

Here are five ways you can help us right now:

  1. Donate to help us continue our efforts to return sea otters to Oregon.
  2. Like us on Facebook and share that page with friends. Also follow us on Instagram (@ElakhaAlliance)Twitter (@elakhaA), and Youtube (@ElakhaAlliance).
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  4. Invite us to speak at a community gathering or to an organization. (We’re doing online presentations for now, but hope to move back to in-person later in 2021).
  5. Is your business registered with 1% for the Planet? 1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental nonprofits through annual membership and everyday actions. As a non-profit partner, you can donate to Elakha directly through your business.