Virtual Science Symposium: Sea Otters & Oregon’s Kelp Ecosystem October 6, 7, 8

In Partnership with Hatfield Marine Science Center & the Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society

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The prospect of restoring sea otters to the Oregon coast raises important ecological and economic considerations to be explored in this symposium.

Over several days, this symposium will offer three virtual sessions, 7 total presentations, with discussion. Presentations will explore current scientific understanding of key issues that are central to future decisions about restoration.

Keynote Address by renowned sea otter ecologist Dr. Jim Estes, October 6th, at 7pm (~45min)

Science Sessions will be held October 6, 7,and 8, from 1 pm to approximately 3:15 pm based on Q&A participation

Presenters will include ODFW urchin biologist Scott Groth, OSU kelp ecosystem researcher Sara Hamilton, sea otter researcher Dr. Tim Tinker, estuary ecologist Brent Hughes, interdisciplinary researcher Dr. Ed Gregr and more! Explore more information about the speakers here…

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