Webinar: Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations w/ Dr. Philip Seddon (5/11/23)

Join the Elakha Alliance and Defenders of Wildlife for a joint webinar entitled: Reintroduction and Other Conservation Translocations. We are honored to have Dr. Philip Seddon, a renowned expert on wildlife reintroduction, as our guest speaker for this presentation. The webinar will take place on Thursday May 11th, at 12:00pm PDT. Register for Zoom link below.
There is a long history of using reintroductions as a conservation tool, but more recently the spectrum of conservation translocations has been expanded to include riskier and more controversial “conservation introductions”. Conservation translocations of all types are increasingly applied as part of so-called rewilding projects, a term whose meaning has shifted and changed over time. This talk charts the history of reintroductions and reintroduction biology and seeks to place the project to restore sea otters to the Oregon coast within the rewilding/conservation translocation spectrum.
Speaker Bio:
Phil Seddon is a Professor of Zoology at the University of Otago, New Zealand, and a member of the IUCN Conservation Translocation Specialist Group. His research interests include pest species spatial ecology, seabird ecology, and reintroduction biology. He has worked and advised on species restoration projects in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, UK, USA, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. He was one of the authors of the 2012 IUCN Reintroduction Guidelines, and chaired the IUCN working group that produced the 2016 De-extinction Guidelines. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers and contributed to over 30 books, including co-editing “Reintroduction Biology: Integrating science and management” (Wiley 2012).