Webinar: Using Citizen Science to Protect & Restore Oregon’s Kelp Forests (2/13/23)

Photo: Patrick Webster
The Elakha Alliance is pleased to welcome Dan Abbott and Annie Bauer-Civiello, of the Reef Check Foundation, to join us for a special webinar this month.
The Reef Check foundation trains volunteer citizen science scuba divers to measure the health of kelp forest ecosystems along the west coast of North America from Baja to Bellingham. In Oregon, teams of Reef Check divers have been not just surveying along the coast but contributing to restoration projects as part of the Oregon Kelp Alliance. Join Dan and Annie to learn more about the work Reef Check is doing in Oregon and the health of kelp forest ecosystems along the Oregon Coast and the fish, invertebrates, and otters, that depend on them!

This webinar will take place on Monday February 13th, starting at 6:30pm PDT. Please RSVP by filling out the registration form below, and you will be emailed the Zoom link.