Deep Dive into Oregon’s 1970-71 Sea Otter Translocation (7.10.23, Port Orford)

In summers of 1970 and 1971, a total of 93 sea otters were flown from Amchitka Island, Alaska, to Port Orford and Coos Bay for release into the ocean, 25 sea otters survived.

For nearly ten years they made themselves at home on Blanco Reef, Simpson Reef and other sites. They even had pups. But gradually their numbers dwindled and by 1981, all were gone.

What happened? Why were they brought to southern Oregon in the first place? What can we learn from this episode as we think about returning sea otters to the Oregon coast?

Bob Bailey, Board President of the Elakha Alliance, will tell the tale and answer your questions.

Come learn about this fascinating piece of history on the southern Oregon coast and join the discussion afterward at the Port Orford Public Library on July 10th at 6pm (free event)