Science and Conservation of Sea Otters

Meet the Dream-Team!

One of our most important goals of 2021 is the completion of the Feasibility Study. We are thrilled to announce this is now in the hands of a powerhouse team of six leading scientists! This third-party study will evaluate key dimensions of a proposed sea otter reintroduction, including: source populations and population dynamics, habitat suitability, ecological considerations, social and economic impacts, legal requirements, logistics, and more.

Meet the team:

  • Jim Bodkin, retired  Research Wildlife Biologist with the US Geological Survey Alaska Science Center 
  • Jim Estes,  ecologist and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at USGS & University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Jan Hodder, Emeritus Professor, University of Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
  • Shawn Larson, Curator of Conservation Research at the Seattle Aquarium 
  • Mike Murray, Senior Veterinary Scientist, Jane Dunay Director of Veterinary Services, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Tim Tinker, Research Wildlife Biologist with the Western Ecological Research Center of the U.S. Geological Survey, and an adjunct Professor at UC Santa Cruz