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Explore this collection of videos and short films on sea otters and their ecology (More coming soon)

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The Mercury Case in the Los Angeles Public Library’s Digitization and Special Collections department comprises the original documents, proceedings, and letters in the only known case in which a contraband trader on the California coast came to a full trial of which an official record was left. We’ve invited three researchers who have been studying the case to shed more light upon this fascinating history. Cameron La Follette, Oregon independent scholar, and coastal historian will discuss the information gaps in the maritime fur trade with respect to Oregon, a major slice of the Northwest coast that is rarely discussed in documents of the era. Richard Ravalli, professor of History at William Jessup University, will discuss the evolving Pacific World context of the early 19th century that led to the seizure of the Mercury and the production of the manuscript. Julius (Rex) Gurney III, professor of History at William Jessup University, will present on issues surrounding the translation of the document. The language of the document will be put in context of the historical evolution of spoken and written Spanish. (May 12, 2021)
Sea Otter Lighting Talk, Seattle Aquarium (April 22, 2021)   KQED video 2007 (13 min), on sea otter mortality   Monterey Bay Aquarium article with video  Sea Otters vs Urchins in Canada’s Kelp Forests 2015 (2:07) Simon Fraser Univ. Pew Fellowship  Seattle Aquarium recovery of Washington sea otters 2015 with embedded video  (41 secs, floating sea otters) from 2010 

Serengeti Rules (PBS Nature) 

Elakha Alliance You Tube Channel:    

2020 Sea Otter Virtual Science Symposium

Keynote Address from Dr. Jim Estes

01 Scott Groth Sea Urchin Biology & Management in Oregon

02 Sara Hamilton Conservation Status of Pycnopodia

03 Josh Smith Patchiness in Kelp & Urchin Barrens

04 Brent Hughes Effects of Sea Otters Recolonizing Estuaries

05 Considerations for Recolonization of Sea Otters in Oregon

2018 Oregon Sea Otter Status of Knowledge Symposium

01  Ann Salomon/Barbara Wilson Sea Otters as a Keyston Specie

02  Lilian Carswell California Population Status and and Conservation Issues

03  Deanna Lynch  Washington Populations Status and Conservation Issues

04  Jim Bodkin  British Columbia Population Status and Conservation Issues

05  Jim Bodkin  Alaska Population Status and Conservation Issues

06  Shawn Larson Current Understanding of Sea Otter Genetics

07  Bobbi Hall Sea Otters in Oregon, Archeological Evidence

08  Hannah Wellman  Oregon Coast as Transitional Zone for Sea Otters (subspecies grandient)

09  Sarah Hamilton Kelp Habitat on the Oregon Coast

10  Dominique Kone  Revisiting the Oregon Translocations of 1970-71

11  Jim Bodkin Lessons Learned about Sea Otter Translocation

Elakha presentation in Gold Beach Mar 10, 2020

Miscellaneous Videos


Selka at MBA

Sea Otter Fur

Sea Otter Fantastic Fur

X Sea Otters decoded

Sea Otters at GA Aquarium 2 otters meet

When Hardy Met Katmai

Rescued pup at Alaska Sea Life Center

Sea Otter Pups’ First Thanksgiving 

501 Introduced to Tula Mom

Rescued pup

Nature:  Sea otter behavior     Kelp and Urchins  Dominique Kone Masters presentation HMSC December 18, 2019   also Dom’s thesis:  Dr. Tim Tinker, HMSC, December 19, 2019  A Question of Scale

2019 Serengeti Rules

2016  Keystone Species and Trophic Cascades: Sea Otters, Kelp and More (with Bob Paine, Jim Estes) May, 2016 (19:56)   Howard Hughes Medical Institute  Jim Estes lecture on Sea Otters and Kelp (March 2016 at Oregon State University 1:03:15  Apex Predators Sea Otters and Kelp Forests Jim Estes lecture, June 2016  26:50

2014  Sea Otters: A Natural History Oct 2014 Vancouver Aquarium 1:20:00 Lecture by Jane Watson (begins 4:30)

The Importance of Kelp  UBC video embedded in a blog about Kelp    Jane Watson   Vimeo  The Importance of Kelp   Jane Watson UBC

BBC:  Forest Guardians  (2012)  The Impact of Sea Otters (1:44) OneOcean (Monterey Bay kelp recovery) with Steve Palumbi

Restoring Southern California’s Kelp Forests  (2014) 

Sea Otters vs Sea Urchins on Canada’s West Coast  (Pew 2015) with Anne Salomon          

Kelp Forests (NOS, 2009)

Kelp Forest Biome (2016)

Conserving the Pacific Kelp Forest ( 2016)  Sea Otters: A Keystone Species (summary of threats to sea otters)  Consilience  2:49   2010  USFWS Thinking Like an Ocean by Lilian Carswell; great photos and a short video embedded  June, 2017 BBC story on otters worldwide.  UBC Old Sea Otter skeleton video  California sea otters: a gap in the Point Reyes ecosystem  Oct 2012  (5:14) Good overview of sea otters in ecosystems and specific impact in CA.  Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center, Point Reyes National Seashore. Sea Otters in Elkhorn Slough: A Conservation Success Story  Monterey Bay Aquarium  (3:14) Threatened: The Controversial Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter – Teaser  Palomart Television  January 2013  (4:25)

The Fantastic Fur of Sea Otters/Deep Look  3:23  KQED 2015

Sea Otters Vs Climate Change 2014   OR 

Sea Otter Adoption at Monterey Bay Aquarium PBS 2015