Job Announcement: Coastal Community Coordinator

Coastal Community Coordinator

Start Date: 
May-June 2023 

$5,000-$6,000/month full-time equivalent, exempt 
Although we are looking for someone interested in full-time (40 hours/week) work, we are open to applicants who only want to work 32 hours/week for proportionally lower compensation. 

Reports to:
Executive Director 

May 7, 2023

About Us 

In the Chinook trade language, elakha is the word for sea otter (Enhydra lutris), which were once plentiful along the rim of the North Pacific Ocean. The Elakha Alliance, an Oregon non-profit organization, is leading an effort to return sea otters to the coastal ecosystems of Oregon and restore their connection to the culture of coastal Indian people. The Elakha Alliance was formed by individuals with a shared belief in a powerful vision: an Oregon coast 50 years from now where our children and grandchildren co-exist along with a thriving sea otter population and a robust marine ecosystem. 

Overall Responsibility 

The Coastal Community Coordinator is responsible for serving as primary eyes, ears, and voice of the Elakha Alliance – promoting its mission, being a presence, and engaging with coastal communities, with an emphasis on Oregon’s south coast. The overall intent is to be an ambassador in these communities and build support for the reintroduction of sea otters. 

Description of Duties 

The Description of Duties below are focused on items in the Elakha Alliance’s 2023 Communications, Outreach, and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Communications Plan). Duties may change from year-to-year as the organization’s communications and outreach plan evolves. 

The Coastal Community Coordinator works closely with the Outreach & Community Relations Director to ensure that outreach and engagement efforts are aligned with the Communications Plan and are delivered in a coordinated, consistent, and efficient manner.

Planning and Oversight (15%) 

  • Meet regularly (starting weekly, eventually to as needed) with the Outreach & Community Relations Director (Executive Director participating as appropriate) to review current work tasks, assess progress, and identify priorities for upcoming work in alignment with the Communications Plan. 
  • Building on existing data/spreadsheets, lead developing and maintaining an ongoing list of coastal community contacts, with a focus on the south coast. These contacts should align with the major audiences identified in the Communications and Outreach Plan, including:
    • Shellfish harvesters, fishermen, urchin divers, and others involved in the ocean harvest sector
    • Owners and operators of tourist, travel, and outdoor recreation-related businesses
    • Community, civic, and economic development organizations
    • Conservation leaders and organizations
    • Elected officials
    • Tribal leaders, members, and staff
    • Community opinion leaders 
  • Participate in monthly communications/ outreach coordination meetings with Elakha Alliance staff, Strategic Advisor, and Board President to review progress on Communications Plan implementation and identify priorities for subsequent 1-2 months. 
  • Participate in meetings with USFWS outreach staff to facilitate coordination of Elakha outreach efforts with USFWS to the extent feasible. 
  • Prepare quarterly report of activities for and participate in quarterly Elakha Alliance Board meetings.
  • Meet regularly (weekly or as needed) with the Executive Director to review current work tasks, assess progress, and identify priorities for upcoming work.

Stakeholder Engagement (35%) 

  • In concert with the Executive Director and Board President, build relationships and engage with fishing/shellfish and coastal stakeholders, meeting with individuals, leaders, and user groups to listen, build awareness, and earn support for sea otter restoration. 
  • Working with the Outreach and Community Relations Director, implement a business supporter program aimed at coastal businesses. 
  • Build relationships with scientists/ staff at the OSU Port Orford Field Station, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center, ODFW Marine Resources Program, Oregon Kelp Alliance (ORKA), Oregon Coast Aquarium, Charleston Marine Life Center, and other science organizations located on the coast. 
  • Identify opportunities for Elakha staff and/or board members to engage with local elected officials on the coast. 

Communications & Outreach (35%) 

  • Become skilled at presenting the Elakha Alliance story to external audiences in one-on-one and group settings, both in-person and virtually. 
  • Grow our coastal presence with coastal conservation, civic, business, educational, and visitor-focused entities by:
    • Tabling at events and/or presenting to such groups, with a priority on the south coast.
    • Securing “endorsements” or statements of support for Elakha’s vision and work. o Identifying additional opportunities to partner with these entities in ways that further our mission. 
  • Represent the Elakha Alliance at relevant meetings on the coast as needed (e.g., elected official town halls). 
  • Initiate and coordinate Elakha Alliance participation in community festivals, fairs, and other events; maintain a calendar of local events appropriate for Elakha participation; work with community contacts to create or initiate new events in partnership with others when appropriate at which to boost the presence of the Elakha Alliance. 
  • Provide coast-specific suggested stories, photos, and other materials for potential inclusion in Elakha Alliance’s monthly email update (the RAFT), for use of its social media, and for its website. 
  • Play lead role in coordinating a tour sharing a Sea Otter Sculpture created out of marine debris by artist Elizabeth Roberts. 
  • Play lead role coordinating the sharing of Elakha’s native-culture focused traveling display with coastal institutions (particularly on the south coast).
  • Make friends with coastal newspaper editors, radio station managers and other local media developers.

Fundraising (10%) 

  • In coordination with the Executive Director, develop and coordinate gatherings aimed at bringing together Elakha Alliance supporters in ways that educate and engage them, while building a sense of community among supporters. These could be happy hours or small-scale low-dollar fundraisers. 
  • Incorporate “asks” for individuals to donate to Elakha into presentations, meetings, tabling, and other outreach activities. 
  • Identify prospective major donors to Elakha who live on the coast and assist the Executive Director in developing relationships with those donors. Join in selected donor meetings on the coast as appropriate.

Miscellaneous (5%) 

  • Document all stakeholder engagement and community outreach meetings described above (names of those met with and discussion points/ outcomes, in a tool (e.g. spreadsheet) shareable across the organization. 
  • Identify and utilize volunteers to assist with tabling, events, or other duties above. 
  • Assist with other organizational events as needed (e.g. Science Symposium, Otter Beer Festival). 
  • Participate on ad hoc committees (e.g., Advisory Council, regional planning) as needed to provide coastal community perspective and related expertise.
  • Other miscellaneous organizational tasks as assigned.

Required Qualifications & Desired Attributes 

We are seeking applicants who are committed to furthering the mission of the Elakha Alliance and working as part of a team and with partners in doing so. This position is focused on outreach and communications; applicants must be comfortable communicating externally with individuals and groups as well as within the Elakha Alliance. Applicants should demonstrate in a cover letter and resume how their lived or job experience, education, and/or training address the required qualifications and desired attributes for the position. 

Required Qualifications: 

  • Three years of relevant experience working on natural resource related issues or activities. 
  • Demonstrated ability to be a self-starter who is comfortable working with minimal supervision. 
  • Ability to plan, manage, complete, and be accountable for a range of work responsibilities. 
  • Ability to communicate with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, in formal and informal settings. 
  • Ability to build and maintain effective and collaborative working relationships with colleagues, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Currently resides in an Oregon coastal community (preferably in Coos or Curry counties).

Desired Attributes: 

  • Socially comfortable; able to connect and interact with new people one-on-one or in new social situations. 
  • Adaptability; able to respond positively to opportunities, changing circumstances, and the evolving needs of the organization. 
  • Ability to write and speak clearly and effectively. 
  • Good listener; able to respectfully listen and respond thoughtfully.
  • Experience working with diverse communities or stakeholders, particularly tribes.
  • Experience or familiarity with the social, political, geographic complexities of the Oregon’s coast, particularly around issues of natural resources use, management, and restoration. 
  • Experience communicating and delivering content in online (via websites, webinars, social media platforms, and email) and in-person (meetings, presentations, or workshops, etc.) environments.
  • Capability and interest in learning and communicating about scientific topics relevant to the Elakha Alliance’s work.

Compensation and Benefits 

  • Starting salary range is $5,000-$6,000/ month, negotiable based on qualifications and experience 
  • Starting Health Care stipend of $500 per month 
  • Generous vacation and wellness benefits 
  • Reimbursement for travel expenses 


The Elakha Alliance is a virtual organization, with no fixed office. We expect the Coastal Community Coordinator to provide a home office or an equivalent remote location for their work with access to communication devices (e.g., a laptop, cell phone, printer).

How to Apply 

Please submit a resume and cover letter which address: 

  1. What motivated you to apply for the Coastal Community Coordinator position.
  2. How your skills and experience match the Required Qualifications and Desired Attributes for the position. 
  3. Date you would be available to start work. 

Submit materials to Jane Bacchieri ( by Friday, May 7, 2023.
Review of applications will begin on May 8, 2023. 

The Elakha Alliance is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, color, age, or any other characteristic. The Elakha Alliance is committed to reflecting the diversity of Oregon’s communities in our Board, employees, and contractors. We strive to ensure that our internal culture, business practices, and programs are welcoming and advance our diversity goals.