Elakha Tribal Youth Interns Present Cultural Display Final Project (8/25/22)

Hear from both our Summer Tribal Interns about their journey creating a traveling cultural display focusing on sea otters in Oregon!

The Elakha Alliance received funding from the Siletz Tribal Community Foundation and the Spirit Mountain Community Fund to support two summer internships for tribal youth in the state of Oregon. This is a very exciting opportunity for learning and growth within the younger tribal members regarding elakhas’ (sea otters’) deeply rooted cultural ties to Oregon.

The two tribal students from University of Oregon, Kaitlynn Spino & Greyson Gomez (read about them here), used the 10-week summer internship to create a traveling cultural display, highlighting the cultural significance of Oregon’s sea otters. The display is intended to educate the public and travel up and down the coastline to various cultural centers, museums, and marine science centers in Fall 2022.

Please join us on Thursday August 25th, from 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT via Zoom, as our Interns present their key takeaways from this project, as well as their final display. Use the form below to RSVP.