Elakha Featured on Nonprofit Solutions Podcast

The Elakha Alliance was recently interviewed on the Charity Auctions Today Nonprofit Spotlight Podcast 🎙 where they highlight organizations making a difference in our world. Tune in to discover the critical role sea otters play in our marine ecosystems and how you can support the cause, no matter where you are. Watch the Youtube video below, or listen to the Spotify Podcast episode.

In this episode, join us as we delve into the mission of the Elakha Alliance with Chanel Hason, Director of Outreach and Community Relations. The Elakha Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Oregon, is dedicated to restoring the sea otter population along the Oregon coast. Chanel shares insights into the organization’s origins, the process of translocating sea otters to Oregon, and the slow but steady progress in repopulating these vital marine mammals. 

From fundraising efforts like the Oregon Otter Beer Festival to challenges in spreading awareness and building support, Chanel discusses the importance of engaging with communities and supporters to further the cause. Learn about the critical role sea otters play in coastal ecosystems, preserving kelp forests, and preventing coastal erosion. 

Discover how people outside of Oregon can support the mission through donations or purchasing merchandise, and explore strategies for marketing and growth to reach diverse audiences and learn from other nonprofits. Join us as we explore the passion for the environment, dedication to making a positive impact, and the significant milestones achieved by the Elakha Alliance. Together, let’s restore a legacy and encourage a resilient marine ecosystem for generations to come. 

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