4th Quarter 2021 Donation Dedications

The Elakha Alliance would like to thank the following who made honorary, tributary, or memorial donations during the 4th Quarter of 2021.

Ryan BlumIn Honor of Kate Laubach and Will McClain
Tomas ChandlerIn Memory of Millie Dangler
Erika CherneckiIn Memory of my Nana
Ann ClarkIn Honor of Pearl, Cove, and Aurora
John DennisIn Honor of Ruth Alcorn Dennis
Jamie FeredayIn Memory of Don Ivy
Robert and Susan FichnerIn Memory of Dave Hatch
Kenneth GriffinIn Honor of Ana Otter Madrid
Lana HaynesIn Memory of Heather Haynes Sheehan
Alexander Hays-EkelandIn Tribute to Alex
Annie HeronIn Memory of Justine Cooper
Eileen HoustonIn Honor of Chanel Hason
Mike KelleyIn Honor of Simon the Sea Otter
Robert KloosIn Memory of Dave Hatch
Valerie KreiserIn Honor of Sharon Kreiser
Rhett LawrenceIn Honor of Avalyn Taylor
Deb MerchantIn Honor of Scott Stevens
Patti MurphyIn Honor of Larry A. Murphy
Beverly RatajakIn Honor of Cameron LaFollette
Paul RivenburghIn Honor of Quinn Rivenburgh
Elizabeth RuggieroIn Honor of Renee Elizabeth Davis
Jane RussellIn Honor of Katie Russell
Katelyn TabbIn Honor of Dan Henery
Kimberly WilburIn Honor of Josie Iselin
Megan Young WieseIn Honor of Thomas Doherty and his daughter Eva, who love sea otters