4th Quarter 2020 Donation Dedications

The Elakha Alliance would like to thank the following who made honorary, tributary, or memorial donations during the 4th Quarter of 2020.

Marilyn Bailey and Jim LeMayIn Honor of Bob Bailey
Paulianne Balch-RancourtIn Memory of her mother, Dot Balch
Larry BaschIn Memory of John S. Pearse
Casey BrightIn Honor of her children, Jesse, Lily, and Riley
Coleman and Delia BrownIn Honor of Avalyn Taylor and Tarn Fox
Charlie and Cindy BruceIn Honor of their grandchildren Kenny, Alexandra, Charlotte, Lincoln
Irene FizerIn Tribute to Al Nigrin
Aileen FreyIn Memory of Dave Hatch
David FunkIn Honor of Steve and Miel Funk
Chris FunkIn Honor of Stephen Funk
Robin HarrowerIn Honor of Bob Bailey
Beryl HarperIn Honor of her granddaughter Eva Doherty
Janice HarrisIn Honor of Preston and Barbara Harris
Holly HolykIn Honor of Richard Goette
Robert KenttaIn Memory of Dave Hatch
Judy KloosIn Memory of Dave Hatch
Deb MerchantIn Honor of Eddie Huckins
Beverly RatajakIn Honor of Cameron LaFollette
Alexis ReissmannIn Honor of Victoria Reissmann
David SextonIn Tribute to David Shepherdson
Sophia von HagenIn Honor of Georgia Kirkpatrick